Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Singing Lessons are a Personal Journey - Which Path Do You Take?

Singing Lessons are a Personal Journey - Which Path Do You Take?

Singing lessons are a personal journey for everyone.  The music that each individual creates with his or her own singing voice is very personal and awesome!

Singing lessons involve the interactions of what your body and voice can do or learn to do together.  Through learning solid technique, it is amazing what the voice can achieve.   
Part of the journey depends on the initial gift of your voice, but a large majority rest in the dedication of the individual to perfect the craft of singing.  It is a passion to be followed.
Additionally your interpretation of the music and text can carry you to the next level.  How you express the song has such an impact on not only the quality of the voice,  but the overall presentation of the music you sing.

Where you want your voice to take you (whether it be a better shower singer, opera singer, lead in the next play, or soloist at a concert) in combination with your drive and dedication to study are so important to the personal journey of singing.  It is not mind over matter, but matter and mind working together that help you to achieve your goals.  Set your singing goals with the educated guidance of a teacher and revisit them.  Singing, as a career or hobby, is a passion- Embrace it and take your personal journey through song!

How is singing a personal journey for you?

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